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The best way to get your listing ahead of the competition this Summer!

Tell your home's story through a video walkthrough!

Here are five reasons why telling the story of your listing through video is the number 1 way to reach new buyers.

1. Video engages the senses of sight and sound, and can communicate on several levels

2. Video is shared more than any other kind of online content

3. Photos and flyers are great, but video gives buyers that emotional connection with your property

4. New camera angles from drones can give a new perspective to your property.

Image courtesy of SoSu.TV

5. Millennials are flooding the marketplace and what do they want to see? Video.

Hatjakes Realty is pleased to announce that we will produce a cinematic video walkthrough for all of our luxury listings. List with us, and receive a ($2500 value) professional video walkthrough for free.

Contact for details.

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